Our guide to starting piano lessons 🎹

We are delighted that you are considering starting piano lessons with Piano Maestros! Please read through this information to decide if we are the right piano school for you. 

Hopefully, this guide answers all your questions. However, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at academy@pianomaestros.co.uk or call us on 0203 654 8102.

Who we are and what do we offer?

We are one of the leading providers of piano lessons in Greenwich and South East London. Our qualified and experienced tutors are professionally trained concert pianists, and they are as passionate about delivering high-quality piano lessons as they are about performing.

Whether you want to learn for pleasure and personal benefit, or you are looking for guidance through grade exams, we will always tailor lessons to suit your needs.

We want our pupils to have as many performing opportunities as possible. All our students are encouraged to take part in our regular events, whether performing or supporting our students by being a warm and appreciative audience.

When can I start with piano lessons?
Here are the necessary steps to follow if you would like to start lessons with us; 
  • Please fill out and submit your lesson enquiry form on our website using this link: pianomaestros.co.uk/enquiry-form.
  • Based on your information we will look for a suitable match and offer you a consultation lesson with one of our specialist tutors. If our availability doesn't match yours, we will put you on our waiting list and contact you as soon as a place becomes available. 
  • If you would like to go ahead with lessons after having your initial consultation lesson, we will ask you to complete the registration form. We will send you the link to where you can do this.
  • Process the payment. Tuition fees need to be paid in advance for the whole term or flexible series. The information on how to pay is included in the section How do I pay for my lessons?.
  • You are now officially registered with Piano Maestros, and you can start your lessons. 

Where and when do lessons take place? 

Lessons take place in the comfort of your home. Our visiting tutors are currently delivering piano lessons to pupils in Charlton, Greenwich, Blackheath, Eltham, and surrounding areas. 

We do our best to arrange your lessons to fit in with your schedule.

What plans do we offer?

We offer weekly plan which runs alongside the standard academic calendar. There are three terms per academic year, Autumn, Spring and Summer, and each term is scheduled to deliver between 10-12 weeks of tuition. More lessons can be booked upon request. 

Fortnightly plan is perfectly suitable for people with a challenging schedule, as it allows for more flexibility with your appointments. 

Ad-hoc lessons are also available, and they offer a complete flexibility to people who are unable to commit to either weekly, or fortnightly lessons.  

All tuition fees are displayed on our website: pianomaestros.co.uk/lessons.

Do I need an acoustic piano, digital piano or electronic keyboard? 

You will definitely need to have an instrument to practice on if you want to make progress. Please talk to your teacher or visit our website to find out more about what options are available to you, and for our advice and recommendations on a suitable instrument. 

How much do I need to practice? 

Practice does make perfect, and we understand that everyone has a different amount of time which they can put aside for practice each week. 

We recommend trying to find at least 15 minutes each day, ideally 30 minutes. It is your responsibility to maintain a regular piano practice - the more you put in, the more you will get out of your lessons. 

How do I pay for my lessons?

All piano lessons are paid for in advance. Weekly Maestro Plan offers a minimum of 10 weekly lessons per term, payable for the whole term in advance. On the Flexi Maestro Plan, you will need to pay in a series of five lessons in advance. 

Once an invoice has been raised, the fees must be paid for in full before the first lesson of the term/series. This is done via online bank transfer, and Piano Maestros bank account details are included on every invoice.

What if I can't make my lesson? 

This is the most frequently asked question! It is your responsibility to inform your teacher directly if you have to miss your lesson because of work commitment, holiday, sickness, etc. 

If you are unable to make your lesson, please speak to your teacher at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson to see if it might be possible to rearrange it. Please note that teachers are unable to reschedule more than two lessons per term.

Please note that if you miss a lesson or give late notice (less than 48 hours before your lesson), the teacher is not obliged to make up this time. Missed lessons by a pupil can only be made up at the teacher's discretion.

On the rare occasion your teacher may be absent or unable to deliver your lesson, they will replace that lesson on a day and time suitable for you. 

How do I go about cancelling my lessons? 

You can cancel your tuition agreement by giving notice in writing to Piano Maestros at least four weeks before a half term/end of term. Where the notice is given less than four weeks before half term/end of term, the payment for a full half term's fees (six weeks of lessons) will be due.

Where can I find more information? 
Our website www.pianomaestros.co.uk has full information about the studio and our team of tutors, available tuition plans, term dates and upcoming events. 

Should you have any further questions, please talk to your tutor or email us at academy@pianomaestros.co.uk. You can also call us on 0203 654 8102.

Andrea and the Piano Maestros Team 🎹