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Advice on choosing a piano

Every student needs an instrument to practice on. You will get most of your lessons if you have a piano suitable for your level and age. The most important thing to consider will be the number of keys and whether or not the keys are weighted. 
There are three basic categories of keyboard instruments available; acoustic pianos, digital pianos and electronic keyboards. 

ELECTRONIC KEYBOARDS They are often shorter than a real piano (48 or 61 keys), and they do not have weighted keys. Learning the piano on a non-weighted, small size keyboard is less than ideal, and it could even be discouraging. 
This is suitable only for complete beginners, or for learners who are interested in playing the keyboard as a hobby. They are not recommended for anyone who has a genuine interest in playing and performing, taking exams, or for children older than primary school age.
Electronic keyboards are the most affordable way to get started as they can be purchased new from £50. However, they should be replaced …

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