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Can your piano lessons take place in-person?

With September knocking on our door, and most children going back to school, many of us are wondering whether we can resume our face-to-face piano lessons. Well, this is a very complex issue with no simple answer, because the outcome depends on so many different factors.  In recent weeks, I have attended several webinars and talks organised by professional music unions and piano teacher organisations, and had some endless discussions with my closest colleagues and other private tutors. From all I heard, it seems to me that most students are very eager to start piano lessons in-person as soon as possible, and can't wait to get back to normal. I completely understand, but how do teachers feel about it, and is it possible to do it safely?  Piano lessons are a close-proximity activity, and going back to teaching piano as we used to before Covid-19 is simply not possible at the moment. Some teachers, including myself, started teaching in-person already back in July, others decided to st

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