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Seven Simple Steps to online lessons

We have put together a simple guide to make the transition to online lessons as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, you can email us any time to  

#1 TIMETABLETo minimise the disruption to everyone's routine, we will follow the agreed weekly/fortnightly/ad-hoc schedule. However, the very first online lesson may need to be slightly longer (start earlier or finish later), to allow time for finding the right set-up. 
#2 WHAT YOU NEEDTo have your online lessons, you need to have one of the following:  · A laptop with a camera and microphone · Mobile phone · Tablet or iPad
#3 SOFTWARE WE USESkype  You can connect with via Skype by searching for the username, email address, or mobile number. Skype video calls work on laptops, tablets, iPads and mobile phones.  WhatsApp You can connect with your tutor easily through their mobile number, but video calls work only on a mobile phone!  Zoom Zoom is one of the leading vid…

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